Tabletop Twosome

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Our Rating System

We use a very simple rating system and like to display visually where we feel a game sits with us! luke.fw

Starting from the positive to the not so positive:

  • Buy: A game we feel you should buy especially if you’re a Twosome like us.
  • Play: Try to play test to see if you like it before you take the plunge.
  • Look at: A game that didn’t grip us, but aspects of it may have.
  • Not for us: We can see the good, but we did not enjoy it.
  • Donate: A category we hope to rarely use, but this is reserved for games that will not make it to our shelf! (Please donate to your friends, family and even charity shops!)

The arrow will move to display our feelings and may even sit in between categories. This gives us freedom to express how we truly feel about a game.

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