Tabletop Twosome

Come play games with us?

The gamers

Tabletop Twosome is the work of Luke and Chessie, a real life couple. Complete with their cat, they live a quiet life in the United Kingdom, with board games playing a huge role in their life.

They wanted to create a review blog, somewhere for the both of them to natter about the games they enjoy and to share with the lovely people of the internet.



Chessie is proud of her G’s… that is geeky, ginger and glasses.  She keeps Luke in line slowing down his board game buying urges, otherwise their house would be full from top to bottom.

She tends to lean towards the cute looking games, but is not afraid of blood and gore…. and kicking Luke’s butt of course!



Luke is slightly bemused by everything life has to offer. He enjoys board games as it gives him a chance to be social with his friends and also spend quality time with Chessie.

He likes a variety of games, loving things with complex mechanics and quality components. Just don’t force him into games that solely require luck.

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Lastly, life would not be complete without their cat, Ollie. He enjoys sitting in boxes, playing with dice and knocking figures off the table.

While he does not have a favourite game, he certainly has favourite box lids!