Hello! We’re mixing things up a little today. As part of #throwbackthursday we wanted to write a post about how we started collecting as a twosome and how our gaming group began.

When we look at our collection now, it’s easy to forget what we started with and how we got to where we are today. Games have always been a big part of our relationship. Luke and I met at University almost 7 years ago and games have always been something that we have done together; be it video games or even miniature gaming.

Many maaaaany years ago on a warm sunny evening we decided to head to a gaming club in our town. It was here we really started to love card games and getting away from our computers. We started like most people in the community did with Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and the World of Warcraft card game.

Yes.. Chess had pink high elves, We’re sorry 😦

This just grew and we got into Warhammer; making new friends along the way. But suddenly in 2014, Luke presented me with some board games he had ordered! I was not the most open-minded when presented with this, definitely a ‘you’re not going to make me play monopoly are you?’ moment. I was pretty used to Luke’s sporadic interests and at the time I really thought it was going to pass. Our first games were Ticket to ride, Smallworld and of course, Munchkin.

Definitely fun games and the perfect games to get into the hobby. I’d highly recommend anyone thinking about looking into modern games to grab Ticket to Ride first. We started to invite some friends round in the evenings, playing as many games as we could.

2014; A modest start

It’s hard to think that all our games could fit on such a small unit at one point. We honestly thought we were done at there for a while; why would we need any more games? Oh, how wrong we were! As time went on, we got more and more board games, having to put in an Ikea order and buying two sets of Kallax shelves, but at the time only filling up half of one (we knew we’d be buying more).

August 2015

You can see in the above picture from only August last year that the collection was a mixture of traditional board games and modern board games at the start. We started looking around car boot sales and charity shops, hoping to find some hidden gems but often coming home with nothing. However, I am very impressed with my Talisman (2nd edition) base game set I managed to pick up for just a pound in a local charity shop.

As our friends were often busy, we played as a twosome whenever our work schedules allowed us; early morning games of Age of War or whole weekends playing Dominion.

August 2015 – rearranging after a haul

We realised one day that if others could start up gaming groups; why couldn’t we? We started advertising on BoardGameGeek and of course, through word of mouth. Each week we’d play at someone’s house – mostly our best friends house, who ended up building a massive table just to accommodate us all.

12109301_10156068830840304_5101208763446061853_n (1)
Ollie has always been a lover of boxes and shelves!

However, playing at our homes was getting too crowded; we could only have 8 players round, tops. Hiring a hall became our next mission; when we found the perfect place our games collection really started to boom. We had a meaning to buy lots of games now because we had people to play them with! Kickstarter also played a huge part in this buying addiction. (See our previous post on our Kickstarter games).

The present day

The Board game community has been one of the friendliest communities we have been in. From shelfies (pictures of shelves) to reviews; we’ve made so many new friends online and offline, passionate discussions on games and even just sharing board game memes with one another.

If you’re new to the hobby or even a fellow enthusiast, we highly recommend finding your local game group and popping down if you’ve not already. We are from Ipswich, Suffolk; if you are too please check out Ipswich Tabletop here. If you’re not?  BoardGameGeek has the best forums on game groups all around the world.

Ipswich Tabletop – Game in process

If you ever have even questions please submit them to us using the form below, or just comment on this post! I know that Luke and myself want to spread the board game love further and we’re always willing to make new friends, just talk about the hobby or give an opinion on a game.