Hello and welcome to another not-so-twosome report! Our fortnightly report of the goings on of our weekly board game group.

We will bring you highlights of the last two weeks. So much stuff gets played it’s impossible to list it all, but always feel free to recommend games to us!

On with the report!


Over the last two sessions, I’ve not  a chance to play as many games as I do normally; but I did play some lengthy games! Having just started a new job I’ve been more tired than normal and it’s eaten into my game time *pout*

Zombicide Black Plague 

  • Players: 1-6


With the big box of Kickstarter exclusives arriving, it’s really fueled my love for killing zombies. We played as a fivesome …. and won! It was a bit tight in places and we really did think we were going to run out of Zombies! Can’t wait to play through some more of the campaigns. I’m just dreading all the extras I need to paint.

Kingsburg + Expansion

  • Players: 2-5


With one of our close friends hating this game and I mean, really hating this game. It does not get brought to the table too often. However, Luke and I really fancied a game today so roped in two other keen members and away we went! It’s definitely still as fun as I remember and actually got the itch to play it again.

Bang! The Dice Game

  • Players: 3-8

I love finishing an evening with Bang! The Dice Game and on this occasion; my oh my, did we have a giggle! So of course, before anyone even starts; everyone claims they are the deputy. Of course, in the first round, we managed to actually kill one of the real deputies. It was a really fun game that left me (the renegade), the Sheriff and the last deputy remaining. Such a fun game and was highly enjoyable.


Sons of Anarchy

  • Players: 3-4


So I actually got to play this game this week… And I really liked it a lot. It’s a very Euro-style resource management and worker placement game; and that’s completely up my street. As ever thanks to one of our members for bringing this along! Great stuff and highly recommended if you are looking for a darker-in-theme worker placement. I mean, the rules actually worn you to keep the rivalry in the game; it can get brutal!

Kingsburg + Expansion

  • Players: 2-5

I played this with Chessie; read her comment… go on! Scroll up :). Also if you don’t know Kingsburg head on over to the BGG page; it’s a bit of a grandaddy of modern gaming at this point, and although slightly clunky in its playstyle; still a really solid resource management and kingdom building game.


  • Players: 3-5


I don’t play this very often; because it reminds me of my real world job. I work in Business development and deal management so yeah; a game all about that feels like work to me. But I do have fun when I play even if I am guilty of taking the game slightly too seriously sometimes… Okay, MOST of the time… FINE! All of the time!


Games that were also played (some by us, some by our members)

Roll for the galaxy

China town 

No Thanks

T.I.M.E stories

Port Royal

Age of War

Warhammer 40k Conquest




And the prettiest game award this week goes to Star Wars: Rebellion. This game looked stunning on the table; with the music playing in the background it looked like an amazing experience!


So once again, a big thank you to all who came the last two sessions and I really hoped you had a great time. Always hope to see you next week and if you don’t come, but would like to, feel free to check out our Facebook page for more details.

One last thing before we go, it was a very good friend of ours, Tom’s, last session on the 3rd. We HOPE things work out and he’s able to come back to Ipswich. We’re going to miss him terribly!