It’s time for another Not-So-Twosome Report! We love writing these just as much as we love running our gaming group.

So what did we get up to at our regular game night?

First of all we had a massive turn out; it was amazing to see some regulars and some new players join in with the board game love. We know it can be daunting going to a club for the first time so it means the world to us when you pop along.

We also had the honour of Andy over at HexAgony popping in and saying hello; we really hope he had a fantastic time trying out some games!

Another mention; the lovely Stuart from The Renaissance Men Podcast came along. He will be giving a report on the club on his Tuesday podcast so make sure you tune in.

So, as always Luke and I didn’t play together so here are the games we, and the group, played.


Cash & Guns

  • Players: 4-8


I love starting the night with this game; I’ve mentioned it before on the Not-So-Twosome Report; I won’t bore you with the details but, do check our previous post if you want to know more.

Lords of Waterdeep plus Expansion; Scoundrals of Skullport

  • Players: 2-6


We played with the max number of players, it’s fine at the start, but does drag when you get the third meeple. This is more I feel, down to the adding of the expansion. However, as worker placements go it’s definitely my favourite and I adore playing it.

Our reigning Waterdeep Champion.


Sheriff of Nottingham

  • Players: 3-5


I’m going to be honest; I have a bit of a love-hate with Sheriff of Nottingham. It’s a great lying game, seeing who can get through that precious contraband under the Sheriff’s nose. But, I really do have to be in the right mood for it. However, after a long game of Waterdeep I really needed something lighter.

Dobble (Known as Spot it!) 

  • Players: 2-8


Speaking of light games, I was really happy that one of the members brought along Dobble; which is just extreme snap. We played a couple of variants and had so much fun doing so.


  • Players 1-3


With Andy from HexAgony over, I really wanted to have another game and show him I’m not so bad at his game (I’m pretty terrible at HexAgony… but I love it!). It’s a perfect three player game and if you’d like to know more, please check out our review!


King of Tokyo

  • Players: 2-6


A very popular dice chucking game, where you are monsters fighting to invade Tokyo and either destroy all the other monsters; or win by scoring 20 points doing various things. Great card art and really fun and quick to play. A bit random but I honestly like it as a starter.

Blood Rage 

  • Players: 2-4

I am just going to link this whole sentence to our review as we talk about Blood Rage all too much on this blog! 

The Game

  • Players: 1-5

This was picked up at the UK Games Expo by one of our members. There are 4 potential piles of cards in the centre of the table; two start at 1 and count up, two start at 100 and count down. It’s a game of imperfect information where each player has a hand of 6 cards and must play at least 2 of them. The cards are numbered 2 > 98. So on the pile counting up if someone has played 50; all cards below 50 can not be played there. A few small rules I have glazed over but it’s a really neat quick co-operative pile builder; yes kind of like Hanabi reversed…

Lastly, I spent some time reading through the rules of The Bloody Inn and Sons of Anarchy; I am really excited to play these in the coming weeks and a huge thank you to one of our regular members for picking these up.



  • Players: 2-4


Luke: The Master photographer

Neither of us really play war-game or miniature games (yet… Stay tuned for that); but we love seeing X-Wing on a table when it does get played. It just always looks really impressive; also the people that love X-Wing, REALLY love X-Wing and that’s great to see. Our gaming group wouldn’t be complete without these fanatics turning up.

Forbidden Stars

  • Players: 2-4


Some of our members started a game of Forbidden starts at about 5:30pm; 9pm came and they were still playing. They seemed to be really into it and having a blast of a time!

Tammany Hall

  • Players: 3-5


This game is brought to the table quite often at Ipswich Tabletop. This negotiation game requires you to back-stab your opponents, doing whatever you need to do to gain political power! We always hear the players cursing each other as they play. Of course, this is all in jest! We really enjoy Tammany Hall when we have played, because of the political nature and to be frank, mild (and not-so-mild) banter that occurs whenever a game is in play.

So, that was a quite run down of everything that was played at Ipswich Tabletop this Sunday. If you’d like to join us, please follow this link.

A big thank you to everyone who came along on Sunday; it was an amazing session!