It’s so easy to spend a lot on games and don’t get us wrong, they’re worth it! But sometimes, you’re waiting for pay-day and you want a new game.

Browsing our collection, we realised we own a selection of smaller inexpensive games, these bulk up our collection and are so fun to play. After a brief period of ‘frank’ discussions about games we do and don’t like… We came to an agreement; including an order! Please note; these are not exclusively Two Player games.

Also as ever, we could be missing some really good ones; so tell us about it!

These are the prices as of writing, like anything, these prices are subject to change!

So, here is a list of our Top 10 Inexpensive Games:

first 3

 10. Tides of Time

  • RRP: £8.99
  • Players: 2

If it was just the artwork; we’d still place this here. But, there’s a solid 2 player card drafting game beneath the beautiful imagery. It’s almost mind-boggling how the developer made this work. But it has intelligent decisions, multiple scoring paths and really clean gameplay. I will never say no to pondering the Tides of Time.

9. No Thanks! 

  • RRP: £9.99
  • Players: 3-7

No Thanks! is perfect for starting a game evening or when you want something a little lighter. It consists of a deck of cards; numbered from 3-35. You get given chips, and these are used to say ‘No Thanks!; You will have to take a card eventually as your chips are limited; the cards are the points and lowest score wins. Say ‘yes please’ to ‘No Thanks!’

8. Port Royal

  • RRP £9.99
  • Players: 2-5

We disagree as a Twosome; one loves it, the other not so much! You draw cards from a deck ‘blackjack’ style and choose when to stop. You then get to either buy one of the cards or take a ship worth coins; get 4 different ships and you get to take two cards instead of one… Exciting! It’s an elegant push-your-luck game where you eventually score points based on the card you own. Wonder which of us doesn’t like push-your-luck?


7. Love Letter 

  • RRP: £7.99
  • Players: 2-4

This is one of the first games we bought, partly because it’s so easy to purchase and it’s inexpensive.  Your aim is to get your love letter into the hands of the Princess while deflecting the letters from competing suitors. You start with one card then draw another on your turn, you must then play one of the cards. It’s as clean as that; draw one, play one. Also, the story in the book is actually worth a read! Gets a little dark in there; thankfully, the princess will have a Love Letter to keep her company.

6. Hey, That’s My Fish

  • RRP: £9.99
  • Players:2-4

Do you like penguins? Do you like fish? Do you love being mean to up to three other people? Welcome to Hey, That’s My Fish. You place your penguins at the start of the game; move one and pick up the tile they were standing on. Do this in turns until every penguin is on their own little Iceberg with loads of yummy fish. Perfect for tie-break situations. A minor grumble, the grid takes a little time to set up; but it can’t be that bad because we love yelling ‘Hey, That’s MY Fish!’.

5. Hanabi

  • RRP: £12.99
  • Players: 2-5

Let’s put on a fireworks display, and also let’s all wear blindfolds whilst we set everything up. Okay, you don’t actually wear blindfolds; however this quirky game requires you to never look at your own cards. Instead, you look at everyone else’s hands and try to give them information; to play cards to the table in sequential order from 1-5. Holding a hand of cards the opposite way round feels really odd; it just does, but everyone loves a Hanabi display.


4. Guillotine

  • RRP £11.99
  • Players: 2-5

‘Vive la France’… Draw a card and play a card; then chop off the victims head next in queue. However, you know that card we told you to play just now? Well, it will manipulate the line to your advantage and opponents disadvantage. Line up the aristocrats 3 times and chop chop chop to score the most heads (aka points). Beware, there are innocent people in line; ensure you aren’t the one that sends them to the Guillotine.

3. Sushi Go!

  • RRP: £9.99
  • Players: 2-5

This game both makes you hungry and guilty about eating Sushi. The card art is really cute and the theme just fits the gameplay. Much like a Sushi Conveyor belt, in one of those fancy-style restaurants from television; you pass the cards around the table, taking 1 to ‘eat’ (score). It’s fundamentally a draft and set collection game but the price point and theme really takes it above those mechanisms. Sushi Go! will have you going to get Sushi!

2. Skull

  • RRP £10
  • Players: 2-6

Skull is just an excellent bluffing game which we really do like; not to mention the art is really beautiful and evocative without being specific or immature; simply elegant. Players have 4 tiles to bluff with, 3 flowers and 1 skull. Once everyone has placed a tile you go round the table and either place another or announce how many flowers you can pick. If you find a skull, you lose the round and a tile at random. The one twist is that you must flip your own tile over first; hence the bluffing. Again, the art is that good that there’s nothing morbid about this Skull.


1. Bang! The Dice Game

  • RRP: £14
  • Players: 3-8

Go buy it; just… go do it! Unless you struggle to get 5-8 people around a table. We say 5-8 because any less than 5 and you don’t get the multiple claims of deputy and treachery. You roll dice and decide who you are going to shoot on either your left or right, or heal with a friendly ‘beer’ result. Variable player powers and 3 distinct role allocations (4 if you include the Sheriff) means that we are always ready to be cowboys in Bang! The Dice Game.

Like our list? Hate our list? Let us know! Tell us your favourite inexpensive games just as Tabletop Twosome has shared ours.